10 Amazing Famous Big WAVES

1- Jaws “Maui”

Jaws "Maui"
Jaws Maui

With a name like this, you definitely wouldn’t want to get anywhere even near that body of water, but like all things terrifying, this too has a beauty of its own.
Jaws is a very famous surf spot that is located on the North Shore of Maui. It starts off on a 15-feet swell and can handle any size.
An amazing feature this spot has is that it remains perfect despite how humongous it can get. Images and videos from around the internet will confirm what we’re saying and will leave you wondering
if the scale leans toward terrifying or breathtaking.
We personally think that the scale is perfectly balanced in-between, although we don’t know how we would feel if we saw it up close. What do you think?

2 -Teahupo’o “French Polynesia”

Teahupo’o "French Polynesia"
Teahupo’o French Polynesia

From all of our listings on this Article, this one is probably the most terrifying for us personally, but we guess for the surfers out
there, this might be the most exciting one, although it doesn’t allow any room for mistakes.
It is a heavy and hollow wave that breaks on a razor-sharp coral reef, so if you do get caught there, chances are you are not getting out of it in one piece. It is located on the Southside of Tahiti, and it is not only a famous spot for surfers but also for photographers, who want to capture the magnificent waves at their best -or worst.

3- Mavericks “California”

Mavericks California

This has been considered the most dangerous surf spot in the world. Whether it is or not, it is definitely not a spot that you’d choose to go for a calming swim with the family.
Mavericks is located in California, and even though it might be “always sunny in California”, you’ll be surprised to know that the temperature in the water can be as low as 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But that’s not the only reason this spot is super dangerous, as it is very frequent for the Mavericks to
have “two-wave hold downs”, which can make any surfer regret the moment they decided this was a good idea.
To the surfers who know better, this is considered one of the biggest
challenges because it is a paddle-only spot, making the takeoff very critical and exposing them to a few other dangers than the ones we mentioned, such as sharks and rip currents.

Now, this is a nightmare right there if you think about it, right?

4- Shipstern’s Bluff  “Tasmania”

Shipsterns Bluff
Shipsterns Bluff

If you ever find yourself in Tasmania, you better steer clear of Shipstern’s Bluff, unless of course, you’re a surfer that looks for a thrill, but you must be extra careful even in this case, because the waves there have a very odd shape, which means that you might have to deal with a mid-ride drop as the wave doubles up and creates a step on its face. Does this sound exciting to you?

5- The Right “Australia”

The Right Australia
The Right Australia

If you are not from Australia, chances are that when you think about it, you probably have images of giant spiders, surfers, and
sharks in your mind, right? Well, this spot is very attractive to two of those three, and you guessed it correctly, spiders don’t go there. The Right is located off the Western coast of Australia and it is strictly a tow-in wave, and probably the spot with the most sharks around.
This heavy barrel is also extremely fast with a frequent inside section breaking in front of the previous one, which might not mean a lot to us, but the surfers out there are currently licking their lips.

6- Waimea Bay “Hawaii”

Waimea Bay "Hawaii"
Waimea Bay “Hawaii”

Located on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii, this spot is yet another one that is dearly loved by surfers and deadly feared by anyone else.
It has hosted The Eddie Invitational on several occasions, and you can see footage both from the event and from surfers and passersby that will leave you with your mouth hanging open.
The open-ocean swells of this height generally translate to wave faces in the bay of 30 feet (9.1 m) to 40 feet (12 m), which is to say that they can be truly terrifying to look at, dangerous to swim in.

7- Cortes Bank “California”

Cortes Bank “California”
Cortes Bank “California”

This spot is one of the least accessible of all big waves on the planet. It is located about 100 miles off California’s coastline,
but strangely enough, it manages to attract large numbers of surf enthusiasts and surfers, that want to see the magnificent waves up close and personal. What makes this spot particularly mythical, is the fact that underneath the surface, the deep Pacific waters meet a submerged mountain chain and create one of the world’s largest waves.

8- Pipeline “Hawaii”

Pipeline "Hawaii"
Pipeline Hawaii

Another spot that is located in Hawaii is the Pipeline and it has a reputation as one of the most dangerous spots to surf in the world. But unlike the other spots that are dangerous, this one gains its reputation not because of the size of its waves, but because of the hollowness and barrel-rising potential.
The pipeline can fir up some 20 feet waves that break on a shallow tabletop reef, which are incidentally only a few meters away from the beach.

9- Puerto Escondido “Mexico”

Puerto Escondido "Mexico"
Puerto Escondido “Mexico”

For our penultimate listing today, we present to you Puerto Escondido, a spot located in Mexico that even though it seems like a
typical hollow beach break, on a large swell it suddenly becomes the world’s heaviest beach break. It is also known as the Mexican Pipeline and it has become one of the most sought-after spots for surfers in the world that want to experience those extra big waves
when they hit the Pacific Ocean.

10- Nazare Portugal

Nazare Portugal
Nazare Portugal

Nazare is the biggest wave in the world. That on itself is a big thing, especially when you consider that this is not just words,
but it is an actual record holder for the biggest wave ever surfed on the planet. Every winter swells form into the Atlantic Ocean and brings this monstrous thing back to life to terrify and excite an equal
number of people.

Its secret lies in the fact that underneath the surface there is a deep canyon of water that meets the shallow waters near the coast and creates an absolutely massive wall of water above the surface.

If you ever want to see what the biggest wave in the world looks like, you just have to visit Portugal and then probably ask for directions.

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