Most Beautiful Destinations In Europe

1. Hallstatt Austria

Hallstatt Austria
Hallstatt Austria

With Hallstatt, you can’t go wrong. Whichever time of the year you decide to visit, you will experience a fairytale town that the more you explore, the more it gives you! It is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and in Autumn it’s covered with incredible fall foliage and in winter it becomes even more
magical when the snow sits prettily on the roofs of the beautiful alpine houses and churches.

If you want to avoid the summer crowds and have a quiet visit, then it is best if you visit around October and take in the 16th-century architecture, the cobblestone streets, the cafes, the inns, everything really!

You can also visit the Five Fingers Viewing Platform, where you can access panoramic vistas of the entire region.

2. The Dordogne Valley France

The Dordogne Valley France
The Dordogne Valley France


The word “Dordogne” has two different meanings. In the oldest sense of the word, it is a long river, a tributary of the Gironde, that rises in the Massif du Sancy in the Auvergne and meets the Gironde near Bordeaux.

The second meaning of the word is a French department (county), the “Département de la Dordogne”, surrounding a long stretch of the lower Dordogne between hills and plain.

Whichever meaning you choose though, upon seeing the Dordogne you will forget everything else. The whole area is full of old villages, small country towns, idyllic old villages, and general bucolic imagery. If you are a lover of the times past, and you swoon whenever someone refers to ‘countryside’ and ‘vintage’ and ‘cottages’, then this is your place.

Be sure to visit the amazing ‘Chapel of Miracles’, where pilgrims have prayed since the late 1100s.

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