10 Most aggressive Animals on the Planet

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Strength alone cannot determine the danger one animal can cause. Because temperament is a significant factor too. Not all animals quickly turn into rage. But some do. Here the list of the 10 most aggressive animals in the world.

10. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo

How dangerous is the Cape buffalo? We have three words for you: “the black death.”
The Cape buffalo is one of the meanest, most aggressive animals to terrorize the African landscape.If there is a list of animals capable of killing a lion, the Cape buffalo would be at the top. It could literally obliterate its victims.

Picture this: this animal stands over six feet in height and weighs close to a ton. Their most notable feature is their large, thick horns. Now imagine this six-foot, one-ton wild behemoth charging at you with all its might. There is no surviving an attack with a cape buffalo.

And we hate to break it to you, but chances are that it’s not traveling alone.
Cape buffaloes move in massive herds. And they take serious offense to anyone upsetting one of their own. Responsible for the highest number of fatal attacks in Africa, this animal is willing to attack anything and everything, charging with its daunting horn.

However, it’s only when they’re seriously wounded or feel especially threatened that they basically hulk out, becoming the incarnation of their fearsome nickname, the Black Death.” Riled enough, they’ll circle and stalk their prey before pouncing, charging at a speed of 35 miles per hour.

They’ll trample victims, gorge them with their horns, and brutally eliminate the threat. Where can you find them?
Or should we say, where should you avoid them?

Cape buffaloes can be found in Sub-Saharan African with a large population in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

9. Wolverine


No, Hugh Jackman isn’t about to come after you any time soon with a murderous rage, but the real-life Wolverine might.

In case you’re not familiar with this notorious animal, wolverines are the size of a medium-sized dog, weighing somewhere between 10 and 25 kg. As small as they are in the animal kingdom, they make up for it in pure rage, aggression, and fearlessness.

They can hold their ground against fierce predators such as wolves or bears. That’s how aggressive they are.

Their jaws are incredibly powerful, capable of delivering a debilitating bite. Notoriously fast and eerily silent when needed, you’ll never see a wolverine unless they want you to and that’s usually seconds before they pounce.

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