9 Most EXPENSIVE Things Found in Nature


7. Coral Snake venom.

Coral Snake venom
Coral Snake venom

You probably didn’t expect to see a liquid on this list since almost all of the most expensive things found on earth are gems and diamonds but coral snake venom is not here to play around.

Due to antiviral and antibacterial properties found within its venom, the liquid can be sold for a whopping $4000 dollars for simply a gram.

The reason it costs so much is that it is extracted from only the specific coral snakes, which already narrows it down to a rarity. And then on top of that, a single snake can only give out so much at a single time plus the process is manual and has to be completed very carefully.

6. Taaffeite gems.

Taaffeite gems
Taaffeite gems

While diamonds are extremely rare and cost a lot accordingly due to the fact the Taaffeite gems are approximately a million times rarer than diamonds. They cost around $12,500 dollars per gram and their rarity makes them a well sought-out item for exceptionally expensive jewelry.

Surprisingly, though, it still costs less than diamonds –which goes to show that prices for gemstones are not always based on their rarity, but also what is considered their worth in beauty too.

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