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Diamonds, Gold, Pearls, and all kind of other expensive ‘treasures’ can be found somewhere out there in the free and wild nature.

9. Rhodium.


Rhodium is the most expensive metal in the world and is more difficult to find in pure quality than the other types of metal that we see in our everyday life.

It costs approximately $919.51 dollars and this is a price that has been reduced due to the covid-19 pandemic which means that it costs even higher when demand for cars is higher.

That is, of course, because it is mainly sought out by the automotive industry due to the fact that it’s better at removing nitrous oxides from vehicles than other types of metals, and is very easy to install within converters too.

8. Da Hong Pao tea.

Da Hong Pao tea
Da Hong Pao tea

If you thought that the local café was selling its tea for a bit too much wait until you hear about the Da Hong Pao tea.

A single gram of this tea costs $1400 dollars and that’s because it’s a rare thing to find on the planet, only seen in the Fujian Province in China.

It costs no less than 25 more times than the average price of gold which is insane for something that you’ll simply put in a teacup and drink!

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