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8. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo

There is no surviving an attack from a Cape buffalo. These brutal and wild bovids are also called African buffalo or The Black Death or the widowmaker.

More than 200 people die every year from Cape buffalo attacks, making them one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa as well as joining the ranks of the “big five” like elephants, lions, leopards, and rhinoceroses, 220 pounds heavier than cows, an average Cape buffalo weighs 935–1,910 pounds.

They’re not very tall, however– Thank God for that, but they’re seven feet from head to tail.
Just to show you how powerful and aggressive these buffaloes are, know that it takes three lions to take down a single Cape buffalo.

It’s rare that you’ll one alone, though, as they travel in herds of 50 to 500 buffaloes. If one decides you’re a threat and charges you, you’ll usually find an army of protective angry friends following.

7. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish

Box jellyfish are a scary force of nature. Unlike the cape buffalo, who are all brute force, the box jellyfish will sneak up on you. They travel faster than other jellyfish.

They actively hunt their victims as opposed to other jellyfish who simply drift, and they possess the hard-earned title “the world’s most venomous creature.”

Box jellyfish can be 8 inches in length while their tentacles can be 10 feet long. They have 24 eyes. They’re common around the world in every ocean. More than 100 people die each year from their bites.

The venom from a box jellyfish sting causes cardiovascular collapse and death in a quick 2 to 5 minutes. The pain is so overwhelming that victims can drown from shock before calling for help or reaching the shore.

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