10 Most luxury Expensive Houses In London

1- 73 Chester Square $38m

73 chester square house
73 chester square house

From 1991 till 2013, this house belonged to no other than Baroness Thatcher. From the outside, you can see a bombproof door that gives you the right idea about the Georgian mansion you’re about to enter.
It has entertained the crème de la crème of politicians and other famous personalities throughout the years and it is filled not only with luxury, but with history as well.
6 stories, 6 bedrooms, a formal dining room, a study, a drawing-room, a bespoke kitchen, a family room and roof terrace, a gym, a media room, and a bar area with a 500-bottle temperature-controlled wine cellar. All of this, in the heart of London’s Belgravia,
in 73 Chester Square. A dream house for history lovers and, well, everybody else really.

2- Ashberg House $35m

Ashberg House
Ashberg House

When you think of London houses, what probably comes to mind are red brick buildings, Victorian windows, etc.
But after seeing this house, you are bound to change your mind. This luxurious Chelsea villa called the Ashberg House is located on Cathcart Road and has five stories that are ready to accommodate anyone who is bold enough to buy it. If you’re wondering where did it get its name, you’ll be surprised to find out that the Ashberg was a 102 carat, cushion-cut diamond once included in the Russian Crown jewels.
It’s no surprise really that 90% of its furniture was designed bespokely for the property. If you have the money to buy it, then you will probably need it for nothing else, as this five-bedroom property designed by the famous firm Morpheus Studios has literally everything -and more- that one might want from a house.

3- The Riverwalk House $32m

The Riverwalk
The Riverwalk House

If, on the other hand, you’re the type that swears by penthouses, then don’t worry, London has plenty of those too. And this one in particular is located in Westminster, because, you know, location matters.
The Riverwalk, yes, this penthouse has a name, boasts the largest river-facing terraces for any central London development and is very proud of this, as you can clearly tell from the price tag.
It has 6,027.8 sq. ft. of internal area, and 2213.9 sq. ft. of outdoor space, with the latter being the cherry on top of this multi-mullion cake.
The balcony is curved shape, in order to maximize the river views, and make a perfect space to entertain or relax.

4- The Huxley House $28m

The Huxley House
The Huxley House

Hampstead is probably our favorite London district, because of the serenity of the atmosphere there, which it owns partially to Hampstead Heath and partially to the super luxurious houses that are located there.
The Huxley, this 8-bedroom jaw dropping mansion, is no different. While the outside is inspired by mansions of the 18th century, the inside has all the modern features that make a house a home on this day and age. The leisure services embody a big indoor swimming pool, a gym, a cinema and bar suite, a spa and steam space with altering rooms and ice fountain, and last but definitely not least, two huge wine cellars. Can we please move in now?

5- The Corniche Penthouse $26m

The Corniche Penthouse london
The Corniche Penthouse london

For those of us who love the London skyline, this penthouse will instantly become a dream house. The penthouse is set across two floors and it is connected by an awe-inspiring helical staircase.
It is styled with furnishings by the famous TG-Studio, and the luxurious interior is influenced by the skyline views that you can enjoy from the huge windows.
The first-floor screams entertainment, with a bar, a formal living room with a grand piano, a dining room with a temperature-controlled feature ‘wine wall’ for your collections of wines, and an informal reception room. The entrance floor is the floor for absolute relaxation, with the four bedrooms, all with en-suites set into the curved bays of the structure.

6- Fairways house $26m

Fairways house
Fairways house

Fairways is the house we all dream of when we think of what it would be like if we were rich enough to buy any house in London.
It is huge and perfectly symmetrical, allowing our OCD tendencies to just let go and enjoy the perfection that this house truly is.

There are 8 bedrooms, a big swimming pool, a cinema, a storage house for 4 vehicles, employees residing quarters and a visitor home or safety workplace.
The backyard has a stepped construction with manicured garden on every tier and a decorative lily pond on the highest tier.

7- South Financial Institution Tower $26m

South Financial Institution Tower
South Financial Institution Tower

Not one, not two, but four penthouses for you to choose by are located at the South Financial institution Tower.

The lowest one costs 26 million dollars, but you can go up to 32 million dollars for the top of the top (times infinity), and why not, since if you are buying this, you apparently have money to spare.

The building rises 41 stories above the Thames and you can choose from the 38th to 40th flooring, with a selection of both lateral or duplex residing houses, and views of London’s skyline that inspire thrill and pathos.

8- The Heron South Penthouse $20m

The Heron london
The Heron london

The Heron South penthouse is the house we didn’t know we wanted to live in. It features Sahara Noir marble floors and bespoke Boffi kitchens, between other tailor-made and surprisingly bold design choices.
You can sit in your living room and enjoy the views from the skylight on the ceiling, or just go around the different levels and explore it in the same way you would do with a gallery.
Did we tell you that it has an indoor swimming pool with a retractable roof and that we can see in our mind’s eye James Bond sipping
a cocktail there?

9- Hugh Grant’s London Penthouse $10m

Hugh Grant’s London Penthouse
Hugh Grant’s London Penthouse

What’s more British than Hugh Grant? Hugh Grant’s London penthouse that you can now be the new owner of. It’s located in the prestigious area of South Kensington and it might be the cheapest one on our list, but it is definitely one of the most luxurious inside. It has 3 bedrooms, a roof terrace, a hot tub, and a gym.
We don’t know why is everything covered in mirrors, although if we were Hugh Grant, we’d probably want to look at ourselves all the time as well.

10- Mansion House $46m

Mansion House
Mansion House

The name of this property prepares you for what you’re about to see: Mansion House. This Grade II listed palatial residence, used to be the headquarters of the Liberal Democrats and it is newly restored and refurbished but still bears the hallmarks of its original design.

The architect Horace Field was famous for experimenting with the post-gothic English historical revival style and made this 7-bedroom house, which also has, 7 receptions, and 6 bathrooms, all crafted by artisans who have worked at Windsor Castle and The Palace of Westminster.

You can understand by that, how regal the feeling in this mansion truly is! As for the views? You can see Big Ben, the House of Lords, and Westminster Abbey.

Now if we could only find a prince or princess, that’d be amazing. There you have it for today, these were the top 10 most expensive houses in London.
Which one did you like the most and why? Tell us in the comments.


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