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10 Most bizarre trees in the world

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Mother Earth brings us trees in a lot of different shapes and forms, just like with humans.
We’ve pulled together a list of the 10 most special and bizarre trees in the world, from strange shapes to the biggest tree you will ever see.

10. Yoshino Cherry

Yoshino Cherry
Yoshino Cherry

The Yoshino Cherry tree, known more commonly by the name ‘Cherry Blossom’ is one of the most fascinating beauties of this world.

They are not found in many places in the world as they originally grow in Japan and their beautiful pinkish-white colors are something that millions of people find comfort in as it has become an important part of Japanese tourism.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice how it’s featured in lots of animation, movies, video games, brand logos, and even clothing patterns. Which is not surprising given how amazing this natural tree is.

9. Methuselah


The Methuselah is one of the oldest known trees to mankind as it is nearly 5000 years old. But its age isn’t the only interesting thing about it as it is very fascinating to look at too, with its unique colors and twisted branches.

Unfortunately, while this tree is located in California – it cannot be seen by the common folk and its exact location remains undisclosed in an attempt to keep the tree safe from vandalism.

8. Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple tree might have Japanese in its name, but it’s actually found in Portland, Oregon. It’s a very popular tree that has even been shown on major TV channels such as National Geographic and one look at the tree will make you immediately realize why people love it so much.

Its leaves are multi-colored which can range from green, crimson, and russet which all combine to be a very gorgeous design.

Its wooden sides are covered with a bit of greenery too, which makes it look even better.

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