10 Kids Who look like little bodybuilders

9. Andrey Kotash

Andrey Kotash
Andrey Kotash

Not a lot of kids earn the nickname of the “Ukrainian Beast,” which is what they call Andrey Kotash, who we can guarantee can do more pushups than you.

Before anyone gets offended, listen to his world-breaking records. After being declared the world’s strongest baby at the age of five, he was able to do 3,000 pushups in a row when he was six.

He was able to perform 4,000 pushups the next year in just two hours and 29 minutes. The next time this record was shattered?

It was by him again when he performed 6,000 pushups in a row. If you think this is the strongest kid in the world, then you won’t believe what the #1 strongest kid can do!

8.Kyle Kane

Varya Akulova
Varya Akulova

Lifting your entire family on top of your shoulders comes easy to Varya Akulova, who was once the proud holder of the title of the world’s strongest girl.
Akulova comes from a long line of circus performers. When she lifted 220 pounds when she was eight years old, she made the crowds go wild.
She escalated to lifting 595 pounds, and by the age of 14, she knocked down the previous record by lifting 660 pounds.

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