10 Animals Who Holds World Records

Zac the Macaw

8. Finley the Dog

Finley the Dog
Finley the Dog

Finley the Dog broke a 2003 world record of ‘most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog’ in 2020. A six-year-old golden retriever from the USA, Finley can hold up to 6 tennis balls at the same time in his mouth!
Surely, dogs love playing with balls but six of them at the same time is not something that we see often! And that’s why it’s a currently unbeaten world record. And frankly, we don’t think any dog is going to be able to hold seven!

7. Big Jake

Big Jake
Big Jake

the Horse Big Jake from the USA is the tallest living horse in the world, sitting at 210.19 cm and 82.75 inches without the shoes. He was born to normal-sized horses but somehow never stopped growing.

Despite his big height, he is very easy-going and friendly with other animals – and enjoys getting belly rubs and being at the center of attention even at 17 years of age.

It’s hard to say if this record will be broken anytime soon – but history has seen taller horses before such as Sampson the shire horse who was 86.5 inches and 220 cm.

I know what you’re thinking – and the answer is yes. Big Jake does eat twice as much as an average horse!

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