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10. Zac the Macaw

Zac the Macaw
Zac the Macaw

This wonderful parrot from the USA has a world record of the most ‘basketball slam dunks done by a parrot in a single minute’, which happened to be a total of 22. You’re not hearing this wrong, this actually happened.
The world record was achieved on 30th December 2011 and has not been beaten so far. This is understandable because this parrot is wildly talented and can even ride the bicycle according to his trainer!

9. Bertie the Speedster

Bertie the Speedster
Bertie the Speedster

Everyone knows that tortoises are some of the slowest animals on this planet, but what if we told you that there is a tortoise that is actually pretty fast? That’s where Bertie comes in, who holds the world record for being the fastest tortoise in the world?

Originating from the UK, Bertie raced on a 5.48m course set and completed the lap in 19.59 seconds. Bertie’s achievement in 2016 broke a record that had been in place from another tortoise called Charlie, which was unbroken since 1977! That’s a long time coming, and we have no idea when we’ll see another challenger! Until then, Bertie is the Usain Bolt of the tortoise world.

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